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TomPubblicato il8:14 pm - Mag 12, 2023

Congratulations on the excellent work 73

DavidPubblicato il7:26 pm - Mag 24, 2023

Great job, I feel very comfortable with this program you have created. I want the time for the Rtty module to arrive. David

    newlogosh_iz4oshPubblicato il7:34 pm - Mag 24, 2023

    Hi David
    Thanks so much.. The RTTY module will be arriving soon, we are checking some routines for the recordings to be correctly sent to the Logger, then the beta testers will do the appropriate tests. It will take some more time, because now I am working on other things. In the meantime, if you need to use RTTY in contests or normal daily operations, you can use N1mm connected to NewLogOSh, alternatively DigitalExpress, but here you will have to export and import qso, so you have two choices you can make. 73 Ale

IK4MEEPubblicato il9:41 pm - Mag 26, 2023

Veramente un log completo con tutte le varianti possibili grazie OSH Alessandro per averci dato questa opportunità 773 Ik4mee

MauroPubblicato il9:42 pm - Mag 26, 2023

good work – for future

IK4MEEPubblicato il9:49 pm - Mag 26, 2023

Very nice worck thanks IZ4OSH

newlogosh_iz4oshPubblicato il11:34 am - Mag 29, 2023

Update to V1.0.53.0
This update adds the Print QSL and Print Label modules.
Previously I had it removed to make updates on the function.
73 Ale

G8NRYPubblicato il7:10 pm - Set 1, 2023

Thank you for a great program l. Just the right balance between speed and features and the UI is excellent too!

    newlogosh_iz4oshPubblicato il10:16 pm - Set 3, 2023

    Hi Paul, thank you very much, I’m glad you like the program. Listen, soon there will be a new update version that will also include Contest modules.
    73 Ale

paoloPubblicato il9:39 am - Set 22, 2023

Grazie ’73 Paolo IZ6PWL……’73

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